Playland Speedway

This area of Adventure Pointe is inspired by the speedway at the original Playland Park where Adventure Pointe Visionary, Harvey Slusky grew up. It is a place to create new memories and reminisce on past experiences from older generations.

Great Outdoors

Inspired by the geographic regions of the Gulf Coast, The Great Outdoors will feature rides, retail, restaurants and education stations, all geared toward the area’s resources.

Lafitte’s Landing

In honor of Texas City’s first settlers, Lafitte’s Landing will pay homage to the famous pirate, Jean Lafitte and his crew. The area will feature a pirate-inspired water ride and other pirate themed elements.

Exploration Island

Conceived from the Gulf Coast’s thriving industry, Exploration Island will feature amenities inspired by the careers and technology that have transformed the area and its residents – providing education and insight for younger generations.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

It’s all in the details. We will strive to always place our guests first. We want to remain true to the mindset that it is about your experience throughout the entire day, across all of the park’s areas – it is more than a fleeting laugh or smile, but a lifelong memory. With this in mind we are taking extra care and consideration in our ride selection and want to make sure we do right by the local residents as well as our friends that come from miles away.

Harvey Slusky,